My name is Mark Chadwick MA and I studied fine art at Birmingham City University and Sutton Coldfield College since 2001 exploring a wide range of methods in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and print. My main area of interest is in painting and my recent works have involved the process of making marks with tools and mechanical objects such as toy cars. I have now completed my MA course in Fine Art where I exhibited in the Fine Art Show - Clutching at Straws. Previous to that I obtained a BA in Fine Art (First Class with Honours), a HND in Fine Art, Foundation Art and A-Levels. On my website you can check out all my latest exhibitions and see all my work ranging from paintings to video pieces. My videos can be seen on my youtube channel at Mark Chadwick Art. If you would like to buy an original piece of work or have a custom piece of artwork created to your own specifications, please feel free to contact me.


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My art practice is concerned by the use of machines in the production of an artwork. With our culture becoming more and more engaged with new technologies, my work questions the implications of handing over control of an artwork to a mechanical device. With the actions of any machine the result of human intention, I use machines to allow chance to enter the creative process, exploring ideas surrounding authorship, consciousness and interaction. I allow my tools to create their marks and record its action in a physical way on to the canvas. Currently my work is concerned with painting process as the performance aspect of the production of an artwork, exploring the relationship forged between materials, aesthetics and perception across cultures. I use machines/technology to allow paintings to make themselves in order to further remove the hand of the artist. Once set in motion I often remove myself from the studio and painting process. In my current series of fluid paintings, the paint is manipulated in a number of different ways each driven by ideas surrounding process, materiality and chance encounters. The unique display of forms and colours are brought together by the artist's hand but manipulated though the use of machines or natures forces. Some paintings are spun or shaken while others rely upon reactions between materials or gravity to allow the painting to almost form itself. The paintings are built up of many layers of paint, each creating it's own flowing abstract surface left open to interpretation by the viewer.