Abstract Fluid Painting 69 - Item No: 2012

Abstract Fluid Painting 69

This abstract fluid painting is a 100% original Acrylic on canvas painting (Not a Print). The painting is signed and dated 2012 on the back of the canvas.

Size: 35.5cm x 35.5cm 2.5cm depth (14 x 14 inches)

Price: £250.00


Abstract Fluid Painting 69 Abstract Fluid Painting 69 Abstract Fluid Painting 69 Abstract Fluid Painting 69

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All paintings will be packed to a high standard to arrive quickly and safely. I will accept payment by personal cheque, paypal or postal order. For any further information please contact me. Thank you for your interest in my work.

One Response to “Abstract Fluid Painting 69”

  1. Suzanna said:

    I’m very interested in your fluid paintings. They have something very mysterious and take me softly in that unknown higher sphere. I would like to see you occupied with creating one of your splendid works. Dont you have a DVD on wich I can follow the painting from the beginning to the end. It has to be a real adventure.

    My English is not good, I know this but I do my best to communicate as well as possible. My mother tongue is Flemmish.

    Thank you for the beauty you give me every day and to everybody who can appreciate this high qualified creations.

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