This Gallery displays a range of experiments and processes using mechanical objects to move equipment or make marks on to the canvas. Each system attempted to create a painting using a random decision making process. For example which colour or type of tool, was chosen by a random draw in order to experiment with ideas surrounding chance encounters and role of the artist.

Mechanical Painting Remote Control Car

Toy Doll Painting

Toy Doll Painting with Pencils

Toy Doll Painting with Paint Brush

Toy Doll Painting with Marker pens

Toy Doll Painting

Mechanical Painting Process

Jumping Dog Painting, Jumps Off Canvas

Jumping Dog Painting Boxed In

Jumping Dog Painting

Motorcar Painting By Random No.3 Painting Process

Toy Soldier Painting

Toy Soldier Drawing with Marker Pens

Close Up Toy Soldier Painting

Toy Soldier Painting Canvas

Hamster Ball Painting

Bump And Go Toy Car Painting